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Billing and Payer Solutions

ProTechGenie has developed Billing systems for seamless claim processing with automatic claim generation and processing after creation of encounters. This system provides web interface to complete all the required details for creating electronic claims, utilizing ICD9, ICD10, CPT, SNOMED, and other coding systems.

The system is integrated with different clearing houses, and payer companies and integration settings are facility based, according to their existing channel or network. The system is highly effective to process primary, secondary and tertiary claims and process ERAs for calculations of patient’s responsibilities.

Our system takes care of the following transactions

Claim Administration and Billing (X12 EDI 835, 837, 276, 277 etc)

Member Eligibility Management (EDI 270/271)

Employee New Hire /Open Enrollment (EDI 834)

Benefit Plan Management and HIPAA Transaction Sets

The main features involved in our developed system are

  • - Agency (clinical and financial records)
  • - Agency Staff Management and access mechanism
  • - Payer Management (multiple payer and private pay)
  • - Claim Submission
  • - Integrated assessment
  • - Reporting and analysis
  • - Automated IDT Process
  • - Clinical history maintenance
  • - Scheduler
  • - HIPAA Compliance
  • - Claim Submission
  • - EDI File Generation
  • - Integration with Clearing House

Our Solutions’ Highlights

Billing and Payer Solutions

We can help you to improve cash flow by handling patient administration and billing more effectively through our billing solutions.

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Claims Management

Our solutions help HealthCare payers in designing, transforming and running end-to-end claims operations to achieve efficiency in back as well as front-office operations.

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Migration Services

Being a highly dynamic industry, with continuous changes in the government regulations and standards, Healthcare providers often have requirement to migrate system from older version to latest versions OR to move their data to cloud for better access and security

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EHR and EMR Systems

ProTechGenie has developed its own EMR and EHR systems that can be utilized for further modifications and customizations to suit different specialties. We have already worked for General practices, psychiatric practices, Optometrist practices and many more

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Healthcare interoperability

This term has created a lot of curiosity in the Industry and very few companies have worked closely on Interoperability, understanding the main essence of it.

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HIPAA Compliance

If you DON’T KNOW HIPAA, then you DON’T know US HEALTHCARE at all. Most of the changes, security measures, and system requirements in the Industry are correlated with HIPAA, directly or indirectly

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Tele-health Solutions

With the increasing focus on Tele-health solutions, ProTechGenie already has significant achievements in the tele-health domain. We have worked on various such solutions to support tele-medicine, online prescriptions, and real time monitoring

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Patient Data Management

Our solutions help in managing the data of the patients effectively, increasing the quality of the data, improving efficiency and sustaining flexibility.

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What Our Client Say?

Business & IT Consultant

ProTechGenie were extremely meticulous with our IT Security & PCI DSS Compliance Requirements on new MOTO payment platform and separate eCommerce project. Their business acumen and project management Skills for Web & Mobile Application Development were incomparable.They are the team I can rely on for my future IT and security requirements.

CEO, Legacy Gold

Their communication before they start the project is really refreshing.

CEO, Digital Marketing Company

They’ve never let me down, and they’ve worked terrific hours.

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