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With the introduction of high-tech gadgets in the fitness market, it becomes necessity for fitness companies to keep them updated with the market. We provide our clients end-to-end fitness application solutions having functionalities ranging from sign up to providing observations (e.g. heartbeat, distance covered etc.). We have provided fitness solutions to the clients all-over the globe.

Our MLM Software for Various Plans

1Binary Plan
1Australian Binary Plan
1Uni-Level Plan
1Matrix/Forced Matrix Plan
1Board Plan
1Step Plan
1Stairstep/Breakaways Plan
1Generation Plan
1Gift Plan
1Recharge Plan
1Shopping Cart Website

Some key solutions that we offer

1MLM Mobile Applications
2MLM Software Web Applications
3MLM eCommerce Integration
4MLM Plans Consultancy
5Multilingual Support
6Online Payment Processing
7SMS and E-Mail Integrator
8E-Wallet System
9Self-Replicated Websites
10CMS System Add-On
11Backup System
12Support System

Services offered

Compliance and Certification Solutions

Compliance and Certification Solutions

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What Our Client Say?

Business & IT Consultant

ProTechGenie were extremely meticulous with our IT Security & PCI DSS Compliance Requirements on new MOTO payment platform and separate eCommerce project. Their business acumen and project management Skills for Web & Mobile Application Development were incomparable.They are the team I can rely on for my future IT and security requirements.

CEO, Legacy Gold

Their communication before they start the project is really refreshing.

CEO, Digital Marketing Company

They’ve never let me down, and they’ve worked terrific hours.

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